Instant automated greeting that lets callers choose the person or department they are trying to reach

The Voice Menu or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is one of the most important features of a™ and allows callers to interact with™ by pressing keys on their own phone. This means that callers can route their calls to the correct agents or departments and receive the information that they need, 24 hours a day, without the need of costly human agents. For a business, the implementation of a Voice Menu will greatly improve its customers’ experience and reduce its operating costs.

How the Voice Menu PBX Feature Works

Voice menus prompt callers to press keys and move through call options. For example, a business might direct calls to one of three departments: (1) Sales, (2) Customer Service, or (3) Support.

Our™ allows you to customize your Voice Menus by recording or uploading custom messages that are played to the caller. Typically, this message would include information pertaining to extension numbers to connect with people or departments.

User guide for Voice Menu