About SendMyCall

Broadband telephone services provider SendMyCall leads the way with affordable, high-quality virtual PBX platforms for fixed-based businesses and for professionals constantly on the go.

SendMyCall provides single touch-point international telecom services to individuals, small companies, and major corporations with a need to keep thousands of employees in contact with millions of customers, clients, and partners around the world.

SendMyCall users receive hosted PBX support for their landline, mobile, and email communications by way of virtual phone numbers and a sophisticated but easy-to-use online control center.

SendMyCall offers local, long-distance, international, and toll-free virtual phone numbers specific to a long and growing list of nations. Users choose from among thousands of available virtual numbers listed on the SendMyCall website. Each number is fully operational and ready for use.

The ranks of SendMyCall customers are ever expanding. Currently, thousands of satisfied clients worldwide enjoy significantly reduced telecommunications costs thanks to SendMyCall’s innovative, cost-effective cloud PBX solutions.

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