Call Forwarding

There are many reasons to get a call forwarding number

You have customers or associates or family in another country and you want to make it easy for them to reach you.

You are traveling to another country. So you would get a Virtual Phone Number in that country. Then you can dial that local ‘in-country’ number to make calls back home easily and cheaply. For example, you are going to France. Sign up for a Virtual France Number and create your own international call gateway from France back to the U.S.

You have a kid in college and you want to provide a dedicated phone number for her/him to call home. Get them a local call forwarding number in the city of their new residence and have the calls forwarded directly back to you. No PIN number, no taxes.

You want to forward your mobile phone calls to a number outside your country. With our service, you’ll be able to program your mobile phone to call forward to your assigned SendMyCall Virtual Number which will then forward your calls to any country.

You are going overseas on assignment and you want to make it easy for your callers to contact you. So you would get a Virtual Number in your home country.


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